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Goal: To appeal to as many buyers as possible.

“Emphasize the positives — minimize the negatives.”

1. Remove

Removing dirt and stains is crucial. Give your home a thorough cleaning (including carpets, flooring, windows and sills, woodwork, ceiling fans and walls, porches and decks). Dust bookshelves, TVs, furniture, etc. Keep the front entrance swept and free of cobwebs, shoes, etc. Add some blooming flowers by the steps/front door. Keep the lawn mowed and natural areas mulched and weed-free. If you own a pet, it’s best that the buyer doesn’t know it the moment they enter your home so ensure there are no pet odors or stains!

2. De-Clutter

LESS IS MORE! Rooms with too much clutter look smaller and un-inviting. Sell, donate, or pack things up now. This is one of the most important improvements you can make.

Here’s how:

Remove up to half of the books from over-stuffed bookshelves. Also remove extras in the kitchen cabinets, Pantry and all closets. Do the same with extra furniture, it makes any room look too small and distracts the buyers. Toys-time to donate, sell, or toss the “unpopular toys”. Leave only a few containers at a time; store the rest. Rotating them every few weeks will make them seem like “new” toys to the kids! In general, if you find that you’re planning on keeping more than you can display, store them in the attic/basement, rent a storage unit or ask family/friends to store them until you sell.

Remove most personal photos and un-necessary knickknacks…display only a few. Potential buyers want to picture themselves living in your home — difficult to do if all they see are your personal photos! NO magnets or photos on refrigerators — we all love displaying them but it clutters the kitchen too much. On the counter tops, leave only the essentials that fit comfortably. Buyers love uncluttered spaces, especially in the kitchen! Stow-away small appliances in your now-half-empty cabinets or closets.

3. Re-paint

Start with the front entrance: if your front door doesn’t look great then re-paint it. This first impression counts a great deal and sets the tone for the entire home. Buyers create a mental “to-do” list as they view a home — you don’t want them feeling overwhelmed before they even get inside! If walls or doors have non-removable stains or scuffs then consider repainting them. Remember to check the mailbox and post!

4. Re-arrange

Now that your home is clean and de-cluttered (“good job!”), take a walk around and ensure that your furniture provides good traffic flow and conversation areas. Group furniture together for easy conversation — in front of a fireplace or other focal point. If you need to “squeeze by” a piece of furniture to get to another room, re-locate or remove it. Less is more. Ensure all rooms are well-lit — add additional lighting (or higher wattage lightbulbs) as necessary.

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