Why Buy with Us

Along with great personal service, we offer an incredible Buyer’s Credit!

We also…

  • Discuss your needs and desires in a new home or property.
  • Tailor a Property Search based on your criteria from our database of over 17,000 homes currently available in the Triangle.
  • Send MLS Listings to you of all properties that meet that criteria.
  • Alert you immediately when new homes come on the market.
  • Guide you on tours of homes that you select, pointing out the pros and cons of each one.
  • Help determine the true value of a given home based on Current Market Analysis in that neighborhood.
  • Coach you in preparing an Offer on a home you wish to buy.
  • Prepare and present the Offer to Purchase Contract.
  • Negotiate the best deal for you.
  • Advise you on reputable service providers, such as home inspectors and Closing attorneys.
  • Are present at the Home Inspection.
  • Guide you in preparing any requested Repair List to be presented to the seller.
  • Keep you on-track regarding important dates or deadlines in the contract.
  • Prepare a list of contact numbers for utilities, HOA, and municipal services in advance of you moving into your new home.
  • Help negotiate any issues between the parties through the Closing date, always advocating on your behalf.

Remember this…

When we help you find a home, we actually share with you part of our commission at Closing. So, not only are our professional services FREE to you as a buyer, we also give you a Buyer’s Credit for choosing our services! Enjoy your new home!

Chapel Hill Residence
Chapel Hill Residence Stairway
Home with Pool
Palm Tree Yard
Living Room
Deck on Home
Chapel Hill Residence Stairway
Home with Pool
Palm Tree Yard
Living Room
Deck on Home

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