The Perfect Home

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(A broker’s perspective)

As a preamble: I do not label myself a creative writer, only an experienced Real Estate Agent. I just wish to convey, in a casual fashion, useful information in a no-nonsense manner with little fluff. Don’t fret if your home does not come close to this fanciful description; I’ll also be crafting articles with suggestions for that no-so-perfect home. I will call this Chapter 1 — additional chapters to follow.

The Perfect Home:

So of course there is no such thing as a “perfect home”. I know this as a broker, sellers know it, and most buyers accept this as fact. However, as an exercise, I want to take you through a tour of a fictional home as a buyer – with me as their real estate agent.

Site and Sight:

The first would be location and if the home is situated on a lot (or acreage) set back from the road — this is preferred. In a subdivision; a deep interior lot located in a cul-de-sac. Outside of a subdivision is also nice — but not on a busy road nor backing-up to a busy road. Convenience to shopping and good highway access is also desirable. If the back of the home faces the South direction or the majority of the living spaces are filled with natural light — also ideal. Brightness sells and buyers notice this. Hence blinds, drapes, curtains and shutters should not be drawn when a home is being shown to prospective buyers. Let the natural light in. Upon approaching the home: is the landscape properly manicured? The more professional looking the better. Driveway/pathways swept and clean? This initial impression sets the tone for many buyers. Ideally the home is close to level with the street or perched slightly above. Not too much of a grade either way but a home that’s a little elevated – handsomely from curbside — is perfect.

Scent & Senses:

As we approach the front entrance we smell the aroma of fresh pine mulch (if the style and location of the home is conducive to this). A home with a porch or roof over the front entrance ranks pretty high. We see a front entrance that’s clean and tight — freshly painted door, healthy plants, new welcome mat, pillows on chairs, etc. Not too overwhelming but should be noticeable. If it’s summertime and the porch has outdoor fan(s), we see a relaxing slow-turning fan – this sets the initial vibe for both agent and buyer. Upon entering the front door: we are greeted with lights turned on and we enjoy a faint fragrance — not of food – but a very subtle, fresh scent. Bright white ceilings of at least 9′ (or vaulted) gives a sense of openness. Furniture is selective, unclutter (less is more) and style-appropriate in fitting with the age/style of the home. Artwork and pictures are limited (just a few personal photos), and tastefully and strategically placed so as to not distract home buyers. Cleanliness sells so the home is void of grime and dust bunnies; and wall-to-wall carpeting is freshly vacuumed and cared for. Walls and trim are properly painted with no evidence of over-spray or sloppy brush strokes; caulking is absent of cracks. Window screens are likely not installed in the windows so as to reveal clear, cleaned glass with sills having been wiped of last year’s pine pollen. Meticulous property owners are the ideal property sellers. We are now ready to start with the tour of the interior of the home and this concludes our Chapter 1. A continuation will follow in my next post (Chapter 2) in about 1-2 weeks so stay tuned! Perhaps some of the elements mentioned above can be useful to you as a potential seller — or you as a potential buyer trying to find that ‘close-to-perfect’ home? In any event, I hope this read was just a bit instructive. If you have specific questions on this subjective topic, or any other real estate related topic, contact me directly at

Steve Doyle – Broker

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